Friday, November 8, 2013

Seven Days

It's been just over a week since I cast on a new pair of socks on the train to college on the morning of my graduation. Imaginatively, these socks were named "Graduation Socks". In those eight days I have spent a lot of time travelling and a lot of time knitting.

Yesterday morning, on day seven, I bound off the last stitches on my fastest ever pair of socks.

One week for a pair of socks; six weeks until Christmas... Does that mean I'll have time to knit up a few pairs to give away?

Last year I didn't give any knitted gifts for Christmas. I had only been knitting for a year, and I still felt like I hadn't knit enough for myself. Until now, a pair of socks has taken me at least two weeks, and I loved them too much to give away.

Of course, I won't get six more pairs knit before Christmas, but maybe I can finish that half-made pair for one of my sisters and knit up the self-striping picked out by my other sister. And maybe a kids-sized pair for the girl I babysit, who is always interested in what I'm knitting and has asked me several times for a pair of socks (or a jumper!). I think that can be done!

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