Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gift knitting

Have you heard of the Indie Design Gift-Along on Ravelry?

I came across it last week and was inspired to make something other than socks as Christmas gifts. Up until Friday, there was a discount on every pattern included in the giftalong.

The first pattern I bought was the Howlcat by Alexandra Tinsley. It's a simple but clever pattern which can be worn as both a cowl and a hat. My version is in progress at the moment.

I liked the colour combination at first, but now I think I would have preferred a lighter colour for the blue portion and a darker colour for the thin, fingering weight section. The beige, tweed wool is a sock wool by Schoeller + Stahl, and I really hope it gets softer after washing. The blue wool, on the other hand, is divinely soft. It's a merino-acrylic blend, as I can't seem to be able to afford 100% wool yarns in this city. I think this cowl/hat will definitely be worn with the blue side against the owner's skin.

I bought a second pattern in the Gift-Along. The Woodstove Season cardigan by Alicia Plummer caught my eye, and I snapped it up. It would be naive to think I could knit an entire cardigan between now and Christmas, but maybe this one will get started in the New Year.

And let's be honest, it will probably be for me!