Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

This week I'm working on Kelly Patla's Thermal Textured Socks pattern, which she has kindly put on her website for free. The web page was written in an attempt to help people to understand that it's not that hard to knit socks, so it is a brilliant start for beginner sock knitters. With the diagram of the anatomy of a sock and her lengthy explanation of how a sock is knit, she's definitely succeeded in making sock-knitting less daunting for beginners.

The pattern is very easy to follow, and makes a really lovely sock. I don't have any knitting friends to compare with, but it seems to me that I'm a very slow sock knitter. It took me two weeks to finish the first sock, and that's without any other projects on the needles.

I'm very proud of them so far and I'm sure the more I knit, the faster I'll get. Fingers crossed I'll have them finished in time to start Finished Object Friday next week!