Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday

What a Wednesday it's been!

I was rushing out to class when a package arrived at my door. I knew  it was the set of interchangeable needles I'd ordered; I expected them to take longer to arrive given the bank holiday weekend, but they got here a day early! I spent that whole class looking forward to getting home and trying out my first pair of circular needles.

The needles are for a shawl I'm knitting as part of a KAL (knit-along for you non-knitters) in the LaLa's Knits group on ravelry. I'm excited to take part in a KAL - it gives me a deadline to work towards so I don't get lazy, I can talk to others who can help me out with any questions I have, and I can see all their projects and compare notes.

I thought the needles might be delivered early, so I picked up some yarn yesterday just in case. I chose an alpaca-wool mix to keep my shoulders warm while I'm sitting at my computer, and decided on a beautiful deep purple. I cast on as soon as I got home from class (of course) and have made it through one pattern repeat. The pattern's really nice to knit, I hope it doesn't get tedious when the rows get longer.

(Note the makeshift safety-pin-and-keyring stitch markers!)

This is the first time I've ever had two WIPs at the same time and I think it'll be nice to be able to alternate if I need a break from one. The socks are coming along nicely, I've turned the heel and am on the home stretch now. Should have them finished in time to give them to the boyfriend when he visits next Wednesday.

I think my knitting will be taking a back seat for the next few days. I got a job which means I can stay in Strasbourg all summer (yay!), but also means I have to work twenty-five-and-a-half hours in the next three days. I AM SO NERVOUS. What if it's a nightmare? What if I can't make it through my ten-hour shift?

However, I think it will be worth it to be able to stay in this beautiful town for the summer:

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