Thursday, March 8, 2012

First things first

This winter, Strasbourg, France was hit with temperatures I had never experienced before. I was unprepared for the eye-watering -12°C. I had forgotten my Aran jumper at home, and it seemed I was the only one to forget. Knitwear was everywhere. The more I looked at the knitted hats and scarves the more I realised I could probably learn to knit them myself.

Me and my Aran jumper in Basel, Switzerland

I started knitting two months ago. Now, I am almost halfway through my first ever pair of socks, with a few hats under my belt too. However, I have had some problems along the way. As a student, I don't have enough money to buy a pattern for every project I'm knitting. Especially when I know there are so many great free patterns on the internet.

The amount of free patterns out there presents its own problems. I want to knit items I will actually wear, patterns similar to the knitwear sold on the high street. This is why I've created my blog. To organise and share fashionable, wearable patterns. Though I haven't come across very many knitting blogs yet, I hope that I'll find more bloggers with similar aims and learn a thing or two from them as well. Maybe eventually I'll start making my own patterns too!

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